Fabrizio Del' Arno

Fabrizio Dell’ Arno: 

  Fabrizio was born in São Caetano do Sul (São Paulo, Brazil) in 1977.  He graduated in advertising in IMES University (S.C. do Sul) in 1999.  He later continued in a Post graduation course in art history at the FAAP College (SP).  He then began his career as a teacher for Pueri Domus School, Un Jardim in Santo Andre (SP) teaching art and painting history.

  In 2003 Fabrizio moved to New York to apply for painting and drawing in SVA (School of Visual Arts).  He then came back to Brazil where he began to take lessons at Rubens Matuck’s atelier in São Paulo.

  In 2005 Fabrizio began a master course in sculpture in Italy, RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) where he currently works as a professor of the academic course For Painting and Painting Techniques.  In 1997 he began to show his work in public spaces, and private galleries, he also works as an illustrator; some of his more significant works include: historical illustration for the Ministry of Culture of the Sultanate of Oman and the campaign for road safety "Challenge yourself to lead your life" sponsored by the group ASTM / SIAS, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in collaboration with the United Nations.